Where there’s a will…

… there’s a way (or so they say). And, in fact, it’s true – almost everyone should have a will. Even if you have a trust. And even if you are young, of modest means, and perfectly happy with the state’s “default” plan for distribution of your property. Here’s why:

What if you have a fully-funded trust, but are killed by a drunk driver, or by medical malpractice? Your estate (NOT your trust!) could become the plaintiff in a multi-million dollar lawsuit, or the recipient of a large settlement or insurance payout. Even if you have a trust, those proceeds would be coming to YOU – and hence, to your estate – not your trust. This is just one example of why the ‘pour-over’ will is an important part of a trust plan.

Or what if you learn that you were named as a beneficiary of someone else’s estate, such as a distant relative or long-lost friend? And then, by a twist of fate, (more…)

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