COVID-19: Emergency Estate Planning

In these uncertain and disrupted times, it may not always be possible to do careful, professionally-guided estate planning for yourself or your loved ones, at least in the short term. While we’re all hoping for the best, we just don’t know how we, and our families and loved ones, might be affected by this sometimes deadly disease, which can sweep through communities very quickly, or by the ‘lockdowns’ and extreme distancing measures that are needed to stop or slow its acceleration.

We are ready and willing to help to the extent possible, via telephone or video conferencing, and even to conduct emergency signing meetings where practicable and desired. However, there may be circumstances where you need or want to put something important in writing, but can’t get it done in the usual manner. For those situations, I have gathered some resources that might be helpful. During this COVID-19 emergency time, I will be happy to review any documents that you might create on your own, using these resources and guidelines, before or after you sign them, to advise of any glaring problems or issues. Please call the office at 808-245-9991 or e-mail me at ‘info [ at ] kauaiestatelaw [dot] com’ to arrange a remote document review for a small fee.

Please NOTE: I do NOT recommend that you engage in “do-it-yourself” estate planning, without sound professional advice, unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then, only until you are able to seek competent and personally tailored advice from a skilled professional who will be able to ensure that your planning documents really do work as you intend them to, that they are appropriate for your situation, and that they will create the outcome that you desire.

But until you are able to do that, something MAY be better than nothing. To that end, consider the following:

Health Care Directive form (Hawaii)

Five Wishes Living Will form

Statutory (Financial) Power of Attorney form (Hawaii)

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Will or Trust (in Hawaii)

How to Make a Valid (typed/printed and witnessed) Will in Hawaii

How to Make a Valid Holographic (Handwritten) Will in Hawaii

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